Vertical Perspective is the youth group of Mallow Bible Fellowship. It is a safe place for teens of different backgrounds to meet and enjoy many fun-filled activities such as kickball, American tag football, capture the snake and Frisbee.

Vertical Perspective hosts a Bible study each week that tackles hard relevant topics for today’s youth from God’s word. Each time we meet we discuss issues/topics that the teens choose. The devil wants us to see things horizontally “I can do it on my own, I don’t need any help, I’m not loved, there is no God.” The devil never wants us to look Vertically to God for all our strength, wisdom, peace, love, and saving grace that we need to overcome the pressures of the world. Vertical Perspective wants to help young men and women to look to God Vertically before they answer any of life’s horizontal questions.

During the school year, we meet every Friday at the Family Life Centre for a couple of hours for a fun hangout time and a short challenge from God’s Word – it’s open to all teens aged 13-19. There are special events hosted by VP throughout the year including the an annual Student Hot Dog Day, Camp VP teen summer camp, and our VP Christmas party.