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Entrance to Mallow Bible Fellowship. Welcome table and banners are placed in front of a curtain which divides the main hall in half. In the background, you see through the curtains to the stage.

VENUE: Mallow Bible Fellowship, CDYS, Mallow
DATE AND TIME: Every Sunday at 11:00amWe join together with the church in worship in the gymnasium, then meet in the Scouts room to hear teaching from the Word of God.

VENUE: Teen Bible Study, Family Life Centre, 3 Hibernian Way
DATE AND TIME: Every Sunday at 6:00pmimg_2995Teenagers get answers to questions that they have about God, the Bible, and how it all works in their lives.

VENUE: Family Life Centre, 3 Hibernian Way
DATE AND TIME: Every Friday during the school year at 7:00pm

img_1136Teenagers get a chance to hang out together and hear a short message on how they can know God.