Bible Study And Prayer

We live in a world in which “man does that which is right in his own eyes”. The Bible, on the other hand, teaches us what is right in God’s eyes.

The TRUTH can be found by opening God’s Word and reading what God has to say.

That is why we put so much emphasis on Bible Study.

The subjects we cover are many and varied. Discussion and debate are encouraged.

We now regularly hold three “FAQ” nights throughout the week in which everyone has the opportunity to voice those FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about the Bible which puzzle us.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

VENUE: The Family Life Centre, 3 Hibernian Way, Mallow
DAY AND TIME: Wednesday at 7:00pm

VENUE: Teen Bible Study, The Family Life Centre, 3 Hibernian Way, Mallow
DAY AND TIME: Friday at 7:00pm

VENUE: In-home Bible Study, Location varies
DAY AND TIME: This Bible Study is scheduled for all who cannot attend the Wednesday evening Bible study. Please contact Pastor Josh at (083)1999513 for time and location.

(We do not hold Bible Study meetings in July and August – (its Bible Club season!) – nor in December or January.)

For the venue location, please go to the LOCATIONS page. We look forward to seeing you

The Bible is the inspired Word of God and what the Bible teaches takes precedence over what any man or woman thinks or says.”